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Our Story

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The wonderful world of Agency 80

Make sure your brand is reaching the people! Work with us to make it happen. Together, we’ve got this!

Our story.

Is there something in the water? Or, is it that life surrounded by water make us a creative and imaginative bunch? All over the world, you’ll find Newfoundlanders and Labradorians carving their paths just like the waves have carved their marks on our landscape. Our ideas start here, but they reach around the globe. 

Sure, we have similar on paper experiences as others, but there is something about being an all female team from one of the most magical places on earth that gives us an edge. We relate, we empathize and we create, moulding the language and messages of our clients to really make an impact in their marketing. We look at each and every project through a social media first lens knowing that each brand needs to have a relationship with its follower and each individual has to be their own brand.  

We use traditional concepts and breathe new life into them, so that that they come alive online and invite everyone to the party.