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Writing for social media: 5 rules to live by

In the world of marketing, communication is key. So why do so many businesses let sloppy writing get in the way of a great message? Quality writing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Facebook and Twitter, but for business owners and marketers who want to build a following and engage with clients, it should be! Read on for five writing rules that I swear by.

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So what do we do anyway?

“So, basically you spend all day on Facebook?” well, uh, YES! And No. It’s somewhere in between all day and all day and night. It might seem a bit backward to most people, who use social channels as a break or an outlet from their everyday lives. But, we’re behind a lot of the stuff that “most people” are engaging with when they’re checking their Facebook page, finding the latest news on Twitter or scrolling through Instagram. In the serious sense, we work with our clients...

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80 Uploaded

This is it! Here we are, live, out there, official…and open! That’s right, after years of practice, experience (both good and bad), creative wins and losses and ultimately a dream to do our own thing, our own way we’ve come to a screeching halt and bam! Agency 80. Okay, truthfully it took some time for us to land where we are. We are creative people after all, and we have a gazillion ideas for our own company and for yours.  So, the plan is, we’re going to work super hard and bring our most creative thoughts...

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