80 Uploaded

This is it! Here we are, live, out there, official…and open! That’s right, after years of practice, experience (both good and bad), creative wins and losses and ultimately a dream to do our own thing, our own way, we’ve come to a screeching halt and bam! Agency 80.

Okay, truthfully it took some time for us to land where we are. We are creative people after all, and we have a gazillion ideas for our own company and for yours. So, the plan is, we’re going to work super hard and bring our most creative thoughts.

But then, when we actually started working with our truly amazing clients our blog got pushed to the back burner; you know how it goes…cobbler's shoes. But, as we grow and settle in, a whole six months later, we thought it was time to get some stuff out of the overflowing filing cabinets of our brains and upload them onto our site in some sort of meaningful way. After all, what’s the sense in being creative and social if you don’t share anything?

So here’s the start of our series called Out of Our Minds…you get it right? A combination of our creative thoughts, projects, opinions, tips and tales from life as creative partners building a social media and marketing agency from scratch. We hope you’ll have some fun with us, get some value, find some inspiration and well, understand our craziness a little more.