A Beginner's Guide to Copywriting

Copywriting is essentially the art of grabbing and keeping a reader's attention. In this blog I'll give you my beginner's tips for writing effective copy. Copywriting is kind of a broad term. In this blog I'm referring to copy for social media, blogs, short articles and websites with a specific message. Some of these rules won't necessarily apply to longer, more complex copy.

Clear & Simple

Make your copy as easy to read as possible. There is no need to use fancy words or complex sentences if you are appealing to the average person. Don't overthink it. 

Avoid Shorthand

Writing simple and writing casual are two different things. Writing simple does not include writing "at" as "@". Professional copy is, usually, not the place for slang. Unless your target audience is pre-teens, do not spell "please" as "plz" (actually, never do that).

As a twentysomething year old who just graduated, I NEED TO KNOW!

As a twentysomething year old who just graduated, I NEED TO KNOW!

Nail your Headline

Your headline is the most important line of your entire copy — it's the only reason why people will read it. Your headline needs to be attention grabbing, unique, and specific. 

Keep it Short

Once you grab the readers' attention, you won't have it for long. Our attention spans are short so you need to get your message across quickly. It shouldn't take you ten sentences to make one point. 

Be Honest

Don't make promises that you can't keep. If you're not the best business in your industry, don't lie and say that you are. Be authentic and true to your brand. You might not have the best product, but maybe you have the lowest price, the best customer service, or the most ethical production. Or maybe you're dedicated to making your product better like Domino's Pizza in the video above. 

Use active voice

Writing in a passive voice weakens your message. For maximum impact, write using an active voice. When writing in active voice, the subject performs the action instead of the action being performed upon the subject. 

10 new products were designed vs. We designed 10 new products 

The blog was written by Agency 80 vs. Agency 80 wrote the blog