Should I be Using Facebook Live?

Should you be using Facebook Live for your business? If you want to reach your target audience, increase engagement, and increase traffic to your Facebook page, then yes! Videos are king of the social media jungle right now. Video content is receiving more engagement than image or text posts. On top of that, live videos are receiving more engagement than pre-recorded videos. Here are four more reasons why you should be using Facebook Live:

1: Live videos build trust

The only problem with pre-recorded video is that sometimes it can appear overproduced and ingenuine. Of course, produced videos have their place too, but live videos create a connection with viewers. Live videos may not look as professional but they show viewers that there are real people behind the business. Viewers appreciate transparency and this creates trust in your brand.

2: Creates totally unique content

Live streaming is unpredictable because the content is unedited and unfiltered. Facebook Live provides instant real-time content for viewers. The ability to interact with viewers and answer questions provides unique content that can’t be planned out or copied.

3: Budget friendly

Live streaming is more cost-effective than producing video content because you cut out the editing process. Depending on your video, you should still use a tripod and a microphone to stabilize your image and audio. Really, all you need is a smartphone and you can instantly reach your audience for free.

4: Drive traffic to your page

According to Facebook, live videos can drive 10 times more comments because of the real time connection between users. This engagement drives people to your Facebook page and to your business. You’ll grow your audience and improve your ability to reach your fans everyday.


Okay, but What Should I be Streaming?


Okay, so now you know that you should be using Facebook Live. What’s next? Planning your first live video. Streaming content is much more informal than posting a video, but you should still be prepared with what you are going to say. You don’t need to practice a script or anything, but you should have a general idea of what message you want to get across. Here are some ideas of what you should be streaming on Facebook Live:

1: Hype a new product release

Use live streaming to hype up and tease a new product release. This will create excitement, engagement, and drive traffic back to your page. Viewers will feel like they’re getting an exclusive peek at your next big product. This also gives you the opportunity to see initial reaction to the product and answer any questions from customers.

2: Promote and live stream an event

If your business is hosting an event, let people know about it! This content will not only drive traffic to your page but also straight to your door. Show people how much fun an event is and they’ll be there. This can help develop your business’s image as fun and relatable (even if the event isn’t a big party).

3: Behind the scenes

Take a virtual tour of your office, store, or workplace. Show people what goes on during the day. You can host interviews and talk with employees about their role in the organization. Featuring employees is not just for customers to see, it’s also for potential employees. Think about it, most people check out a business online before applying. If you make your business culture appear fun and inviting, you’ll find more talent knocking on your door.

4: Q&A

Encourage viewers to ask questions in the comment section in real time. You can also ask for questions ahead of time or answer frequently asked questions. If you are going to answer questions in real time, have some people prepared to ask the first few questions while viewers are still joining your video, people will be apprehensive to ask the first question.

5: Host an interview or a panel discussion

People tend to pay more attention to interviews when they are live. There’s additional authenticity in streaming because answers can’t be scripted, especially if you take a few questions from the comments section.

6: Contest

You can include this in another video or do it in a separate video. You’re basically guaranteed a bunch of viewers and engagement when you’re giving something away, even if it’s something small. This is a great way to build your online presence and increase views for future videos.