How to up your Instagram game

Brand your content

Your Instagram feed should have a style. This style should represent your brand so well that people can tell it’s you without seeing your logo. You don’t need to take this so far that all of your pictures look exactly the same, they just need to have a similar theme. Find a theme that represents your brand well and stick to it. These images, posted by Parks Canada, are all different yet similar, they all look good together and nothing sticks out like a sore thumb.    

Use relevant hashtags

Choose a set of 5-20 hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Have them saved and easily accessible so you can share them on all of your photos. You should also add a couple of hashtags that are more specific to the image you are posting, this can include the location or another featured brand. For more tips on how to hashtag like a pro, check out our “Making the Most of Instagram #Hashtags” blog post.  


Shooting professional looking video can be a bit of a financial investment but it will be worth it. You can hire an external crew or you can purchase a DSLR and a tripod and do it yourself! You’ll need to have some shooting and editing skills, but if you have the knowledge you can pull this off yourself. Videos are visually stimulating and catch people’s attention.

Share professional pictures of your products

It isn’t necessary for all of your photos to look professional but you want to highlight your products in the best way possible. If you’re trying to sell something to your followers, it better look good!

Host a contest

Hosting a contest is an easy, quick, and generally inexpensive way to gain new followers. Offer up a new product or tickets to a local event. Ask people to follow your page and tag a friend to be entered, this way more people will be exposed to the contest and to your brand. Make sure your Instagram feed looks good when you host the contest, you don’t want people to unfollow as soon as the contest is over.

Behind the scenes

Followers love seeing what goes on behind the scenes. These types of posts put names, faces, and personality behind the brand. Personalizing your social media makes followers trust you because they feel like they know the people. When people trust your brand, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Share reviews and testimonials

Another way to build trust in your brand is to highlight what previous customers have said about you. This is especially important for new customers and people who are just discovering your brand. You might not think of this one because your reviews are on your Facebook page automatically, but you should treat your Instagram separately. What if someone finds you on Instagram and doesn’t follow your Facebook page?

Hop on the bandwagon

What’s trending? Find out and post about it. People already have trending topics on their mind so your post will resonate with them and they’ll be more likely to engage. Make the post conversational and give followers the opportunity to engage. For example, on National Women’s Day you could ask your followers to share a story of an inspirational woman in their life. I don’t often advise people to jump on the bandwagon, but in this case it could bring you a lot of traffic and engagement.