So what do we do anyway?

“So, basically you spend all day on Facebook?” well, uh, YES! And No. It’s somewhere in between all day and all day and night.

It might seem a bit backward to most people, who use social channels as a break or an outlet from their everyday lives. But, we’re behind a lot of the stuff that “most people” are engaging with when they’re checking their Facebook page, finding the latest news on Twitter or scrolling through Instagram. In the serious sense, we work with our clients (both individuals and organizations) to plan, coordinate and develop relevant content for their fans and followers.

We act as the conversational extension of their brands and aim to make them more present and approachable through their channels. We also watch out for them ensuring they have great customer responses and response times.

Overall, we’re working with our clients to give them a real personality, not just a face or a landing page.  They no longer have to worry about finding time to post on their sites, or responding to customers and from the great response we’ve had so far we know there’s a feeling of comfort that comes along with our service. 

Plus, as a creative team we make them look pretty amazing!  We know that we have milliseconds to engage followers, so we make sure our clients stand out by ultimately creating mini ads that have the added bonus of great content.

We make sure we understand what their fan bases look like and incorporate strategies so that we’re interacting with them in the way that suits them best. Then, they’re really being social, we are creating conversations with the people our clients want to talk to and learn about so they can have the chance to convert prospects into customers; we know that there’s nothing more valuable than that.

So, that’s what we’re doing…while you’re scrolling.